PRI Celebrates Progress

The Performance Review Institute (PRI) is celebrating progress this week in our ongoing pursuit of adding value for our stakeholders and continual improvement of our operations.

Through the challenges of the last two years, we continued to focus on what matters to our customers: enabling them to meet their regulatory obligations and maintain a skilled workforce, while we continue to lead in industries where safety and quality are shared imperatives.

To achieve this, we have made various changes to our systems and processes:


Nadcap is increasing engagement with its aerospace stakeholders to better understand and meet their needs, and to communicate the value of PRI’s aerospace activities, such as Nadcap, CAAP and QPL; while also identifying opportunities to add value through other products and services.

MedAccred – through its strong collaborative relationship with key regulatory and government bodies it is addressing medical device supply chain resiliency. We have delivered an innovative virtual auditor training approach, expanding the global auditor capability, and are actively engaging in key international medical device initiatives which are supporting the increased adoption of MedAccred through the supply chain.


PRI Training is improving customer experience for learners undertaking its industry-leading courses, through the launch of a new website and learning management system this week. Learners will immediately benefit from a new, responsive and accessible website design, and improved search filtering capabilities when browsing course offerings. With PRI Training’s global customer base in mind, the website has been customized to specific regions.


PRI Registrar is launching two new products to provide more, needed services to our customers – ISO 27001 and AS13100. The globally recognized ISO 27001 Information Security Management System certification relates to data management risk. AS13100 is about conformity audits for aerospace engine suppliers which will be a mandatory requirement for all suppliers globally by January 2023. Additionally, PRI Registrar customers will soon benefit from enhancements to our proprietary RMS system.


Nadcap, MedAccred and TPG auditees see the launch of a new PRI Suppliers’ App. With enhanced customer-centered design and using cutting edge technology, the app provides better support for Suppliers in the management of audits. In addition to a refreshed user experience, this upgrade allows for future adaptability as customer needs change.

Jay Solomond, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, PRI, said:

“These are important milestones towards PRI adding value to its operations and building on the ‘next generation’ approach which was started last year. Our focus continues to be on rebuilding our digital platform, redefining business processes, engaging our strategic workforce, reimagining organizational design, and improving technology and innovation.”


He added: “This week marks a major milestone in our success towards achieving these goals and I am very proud of all our PRI employees who have helped to make this happen.”